Continuous Frame Kitchens Provide Extra Storage

Posted on March 27, 2014 by Julia Whitfield

?A special feature of Newcastle Furniture Company’s kitchens is that their frames are continuous. The usual method employed by both off-the-shelf and made-to-measure manufacturers, is to butt modular units together meaning that each join has a double width frame, sometimes covered by a strip of beading. Newcastle Furniture, however, creates a single, completely bespoke frame for each run of units.
As well as looking far more elegant and streamlined, there is another important benefit attached to a continuous frame. The usual size of a frame is 40mm, which is doubled when two modular units are placed side by side, meaning that a significant amount of space is wasted. In fact, in an average size kitchen, the amount of space gained by made-to-measure frame construction will often amount to a whole cupboard’s worth of space. If that happens at both base unit and wall unit levels, there could be as much as 2 linear metres’ worth of extra storage!
Newcastle Furniture Company’s kitchens are available in oak, maple, cherry and walnut and in any paint colour. Each kitchen is designed to a customer’s specifications and is completely bespoke.

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