Delighted to be an official AGA Authorised Showroom

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Julia Whitfield


?Our Newcastle showroom recently became an official AGA distributor. Since gaining ‘official’ status, we’ve definitely attracted more kitchen customers, primarily because our bespoke designs work so well around them.
People that have inherited or chosen to buy one of these iconic cooking ranges usually want to make them the central focus of their kitchen and we can make that happen whilst still making sure that the aesthetics and function of the room is exactly as our customer wants. In fact, because AGAs usually have limited siting options, our skills as custom made furniture makers are called upon to solve more problems than usual.
AGA cast-iron cookers are hand-built to lifetime specifications in Coalbrookdale, a world heritage site and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. They are then hand-sprayed in vitreous enamel - a process that takes three days to complete, resulting in a gleaming, deeply glossy finish.
Our customers choosing AGAs range from those with very contemporary taste to those that love classic design. Whatever their style, our kitchens will reflect it.

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New Kitchen Accessory Range

Posted on January 21, 2014 by Julia Whitfield



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Newcastle Furniture Company has launched a new, superbly crafted and beautifully designed, kitchen accessory range on its online shop.

Comprising blackboards, key racks, chopping blocks, wooden bowls, knife blocks, kitchen roll holders, trays, towel rails, peg rails and individual pegs, these classic pieces are designed to be durable, functional and elegant.

Everything is handmade in Newcastle Furniture’s Tyneside workshops employing traditional furniture making techniques and using the finest timber. The chopping blocks and knife blocks are made from maple, the trays are available in oak or maple while everything else comes in a choice of oak, maple, cherry or walnut.

Standard sizes are always available for immediate despatch, though Newcastle Furniture will make bespoke sized items to customer specifications on request.

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Table Manners

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Julia Whitfield


Newcastle Furniture Company makes bespoke furniture. When a local architect brought us a drawing of his perfect table, this is what we created.

(Scroll down for full story).?

The drawing John Curtis brought into our Newcastle showroom


Our realisation of John's drawing


As an experienced architect, practising in Newcastle, John Curtis has a strong sense of style so, when he needed to invest in a new dining table, he knew exactly what he wanted. With their children finally having flown the nest to go to university, John and Mary Curtis decided to return their dining room to its intended function – it having served as a playroom and, latterly, study, for many years so new furniture was required.

John initially produced a sketch of the simple, yet exceptionally solid, oak table, complete with a 60mm top, he visualised as the room’s focal point. The sketch needed to be converted into a realisable working drawing and John had to find a local furniture designer and maker with the skills, tools and equipment necessary to fulfil this. He decided upon Newcastle Furniture Company, best known nationally for its bespoke kitchens and bedrooms, but with the specialist facilities to create beautiful individual items of fitted and freestanding furniture.

“I was immediately drawn to their positive attitude and openness. As an architect, I like to see the process of things being made and I was always welcomed at the workshop when I wanted to see the table in its various stages of manufacture. I was also very impressed by their ability to source the perfect timber from a trusted supplier. In fact, their timber supplier became quite involved in the project and, between them and the guys at Newcastle, my original specifications were enhanced to utilise superior quarter-sawn oak.”

The finished table now takes pride of place in the Curtis’s dining room where it about to be joined by a set of Hans J Wegner style chairs, creating the perfect ambience in this Edwardian home.

“We absolutely love it,” says John. “Newcastle Furniture Company has produced a truly fantastic piece of furniture for us.”

English Summer Seaside Colours - New for 2013

Posted on July 05, 2013 by Margaret Finch

 Introducing our new 2013 Collection of six carefully devised paint colours inspired by the English seaside; soft, classic colours, gentle on the eye, neutral shades which complement the style of our furniture and virtually any interior scheme.

"We will, of course, use absolutely any colour requested," commented Jeremy Pearce, Newcastle Furniture Company's Design Director, "but in our experience we have found that most clients prefer a neutral palette".

The Collection comprises, from left to right;

Chalk White - a pure, clean white

Nearly White - a warm, soft white

Classic Cream - a rich, buttery cream

Soft Grey - a pale, cool grey

Dove Grey - a warm, rich grey

Sage Green - a subtle, muted grey/green


Photographed here on the glorious North East coastline - the perfect location, second only to your kitchen or dining room.

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Design Without Boundaries

Posted on April 01, 2013 by Jeremy Pearce


A recent analysis of enquiries being received by our designers has flagged up a? noticeable shift towards increasingly custom-made furniture to suit clients' specific requirements.? Whether this is caused by the way the new web site (correctly) portrays Newcaste Furniture as bespoke furniture designers and makers or that people are just more aware that?they are able to?have exactly what they want made for them, we are seeing designs produced for more and more different types of furniture for all rooms in the home.

In the first three months of the year we have designed collector's cabinets to suit 1930s English ceramics, a dog's bed incorporated into a kitchen, secret compartments in wardrobes, a specially commissioned wine room, several one-off dining tables, freestanding bedroom furniture for a finca conversion in Majorca and some special glass fronted drawers for shoes in a dressing room in Fulham, London.

In fact, requests like these are all in a day's work for the designers in?our Edinburgh, Newcastle and London showrooms because every item of furniture, each kitchen, bedroom, study, living room?or media room, is designed and made completely from scratch, making it genuinely unique. There is no definitive Newcastle Furniture ‘house’ style to comply with and no reliance on modular units to hamper the design.

Instead, we take a customer’s ideas, look at their home and their own inherent style and taste, consider the functionality of what they want and draw a design. Our highly skilled craftspeople are capable of making any of our designers’ work a reality which, in turn, means the designers are free to interpret a customer’s brief without the usual restrictions and limitations. Cupboards can be made to fit awkward spaces, treasured items can be given a personalised storage space, worktops can be raised or lowered – the list is endless.

“Truly bespoke furniture becomes an integral part of the room it is designed for to be appreciated by the people that commission it,” explains Jeremy Pearce, Newcastle Furniture Company’s managing director.

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